From continuously developing new technology, such as the world’s first drag-and-drop conferencing system RedMatrix in 1995, to being some of the first to market with major industry trends, Redwood Technologies Group is committed to constant and strategic innovation.


Cloud customer engagement solutions transform the way organizations communicate with customers. Content Guru’s storm® is the primary route of delivery for its cloud services. storm allows its clients to operate always-on, geographically agnostic, omni-channel customer experience estates. Operating in conjunction with major global partners including Vodafone and Rakuten, storm offers an effortless solution to resolving queries and issues for a variety of sectors ranging from healthcare and finance, to travel and utilities.

Research and Development

A driver of continual innovation, Redwood Technologies Group develops cutting-edge technology as part of its mission to deliver the best in customer experience. From brain®, an Artificial Intelligence toolkit, to the propriety CRM tool, Customer Knowledge System® (CKS), Redwood Technology’s Research and Development team are always working to make sure that our clients’ customer engagement and experience capabilities are as efficient as possible, and that the customer journeys they provide are seamless and comprehensive.

Group Operating Companies